Ghassan Chartouni

The first in MENA to turn Music and Entertainment into an industry by creating the only complete Glocal Branding Business Group.

`The first is with the vision to see where the industry is heading to. He saw that the future lies in transforming into “digital” and that artists should shift their business there. He was the first to open YouTube channels for the artists and the first to ever launch an Artist digitally.

Dreams and vision are essential, but he has turned this into an action plan, and that group has grown to create repetitive success stories.

MBA Graduate in Marketing from Saint Joseph University – Beirut. With 25 years of experience in the music industry, he:

  1. Implemented and managed media stations leading them from national to Pan-Arab scale.
  2. Created, managed, and invested in successful music labels.
  3. Launched and managed successful artists.

Stardom is determined by artistic elements such as charisma and sensitivity, but we apply science to guarantee the maximum success of a talent.

With his extensive knowledge, his solid reputation, his creative skills in strategic analysis, and his significant managerial competencies, Ghassan is The key social contact to reach all players in the entertainment business.

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