Our Founder

Ghassan Chartouni

Our founder, Ghassan Chartouni, was a visionary who not only had a clear vision for the future of the music industry but also transformed that vision into a concrete action plan. He was the first to open an artist management company in the MENA region, starting with Warner through IAM (International Artist Management). Ghassan was also among the pioneers in developing artist booking and expanding it internationally.

Recognizing the inevitable shift from the ‘Physical’ to the ‘Digital’ realm, Ghassan foresaw that the future of the industry lies in digital platforms. He understood that artists needed to shift their focus in this direction. As one of the main visionaries in the MENA region, he developed a comprehensive digital ecosystem that provided artists with all the necessary support. Today, Watary has become the leading local expert in Arabic digital music, helping musicians reach an impressive audience of over 30 billion views. Ghassan successfully convinced artists to create their own digital networks, addressing the lack of labels in the region and guaranteeing business opportunities for the artists.

While dreams and visions are essential, Ghassan turned his ideas into actionable plans, leading to repetitive success stories within the industry. With an MBA in Marketing from Saint Joseph University – Beirut and 25 years of experience in the music industry, Ghassan Chartouni has proven his expertise. He implemented and managed media stations, guiding them from national to Pan-Arab scale. Additionally, he created, managed, and invested in successful music labels, and launched and managed numerous accomplished artists.

At Music is My Life, we understand that stardom is influenced by artistic elements like charisma and sensitivity, but we also apply scientific methods to guarantee the maximum success of a talent. Ghassan’s extensive knowledge, solid reputation, creative skills in strategic analysis, and significant managerial competencies make him the key social contact to reach all players in the entertainment business.

Ghassan Chartouni’s unwavering dedication to his vision, his ability to transform ideas into action, and his commitment to supporting artists in the digital era have established him as a prominent figure in the music industry. Through his leadership, Watary has become a driving force, shaping the future of music in the MENA region and providing artists with the tools they need to thrive in a digital ecosystem.

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