A timline Of Success

Our Story

A Passion Fueled Start

Our story started with the passion for art as a means of expression and communication. Our founder, Ghassan Chartouni created a mix of art and science, with one clear goal, turning music into an actual industry in MENA.

He believed that music is essential for all humans, and set out on a mission to preserve it and make the best out of it.

The interest in musical talents and skill in assessing it sparked the urge to share these talents with the world.

Music Is My Life Was Born

We started out by providing artist bookings for promoters and individuals looking for a performing act for their events. Music Is My Life was born.

The company had the reputable skill to combine the suitable artist with the right audience most efficiently.
Its network grew and it became the main reference for artist booking in the MENA region from Morocco to the Gulf.

Then, Music Is My Life started fostering new talents of their own, giving emerging artists the chance to perform on the stage across the whole Arab region, utilizing its know-how to successfully share the right talent with the right audience through the right strategies.

And It Grew…

The market grew, new needs emerged, and new potential appeared.

A new type of client was interested in working with celebrities: brands and marketing agencies.
Then, instead of booking artists for promoters, we figured we could create the events ourselves.
With the demand for a wider scope of needs in the industry, GLAVA Holding was created and organized.
Glava created new companies to meet those emerging needs through time:

Into The Glava Era

Glava created new companies to meet those emerging needs through time:DeePiu, D-tales, Watary, e-Music Is My Life, Mirada, Middle East Copyrights, and StardomHype.

We have made sure to stay on top of the industry and market trends, and develop our business model.

Glava’s Watary was the first and the most successful entity in the industry to adapt and lead with the digital wave in Arabic music. Along with its social media management entity e-Music Is My Life, they empower artists to be present online, gain support from leading streaming platforms through business partnerships, and create a new major source of income through digital, and legally protect this source.

The Story Goes On

The world evolves, but the core of Glava is always the same:

Filling the need of the music industry in the right time and fitting the right talents to it by mixing business and music – art and science.