Who We Are

We are an independent label with a Major Vision.

Watary has been a music label and aggregator shaping the music industry in Lebanon and the Arab world for over a decade. Watary
has achieved repetitive success stories, helping artists reach stardom with the help of its sister company Music is My Life.

Being both a label and an aggregator allowed us to produce and create new stars in the market and promise the highest digital revenues for
existing and new stars all over the arab world.

As a label, Watary goes beyond distribution by studying and analyzing the “musical product” and developing an encompassing strategy,
comprehensive marketing plans, digital and social media tools, and target markets. In contrast, traditional aggregators primarily focus on
distribution. Watary understands the importance of artists staying current in the digital world and provides guidance and strategies to
ensure their presence across all platforms, maintaining a coherent and unified brand image.

Nurturing Artists at Every Career Stage In addition to its role as an aggregator, Watary offers a full range of artistic services. From crafting the music product to marketing, distribution, and content strategy, Watary provides a 360-degree plan to meet the needs of artists at any stage of their careers. Leveraging its extensive experience in the music and entertainment industry, Watary offers top-notch PR services, content creation, image consultancy, press and media liaison, promoter support, and crisis management. Watary caters to a wide range of budgets, curating the best products and services for its clients.

With Watary, artists can expect distribution and a comprehensive management service that propels their careers forward and
maximizes their success in the music industry. Watary also chooses at the end of every year a certain number of artists to produce for them
(shift from distribution to production).


Watary provides its clients other than the relation and representation with Digital platforms, with a wide range of services that offer support throughout its clients’ career paths. Such services include:

-Media facilitation both on regional and global scale.

-Career and Coaching consultancy that ensures best-in-class
positioning in media and digital outlets.

-Providing a wide range of distribution facilities across more than
90 radio and 60 TV stations.

-Curating media announcements and press releases across
more than 70 websites.

-Providing crisis management services through its expert cadre
to turn critical instances into win-win situations.

Going Global

WatarY, The Aggregator

Diving into the music distribution realm, on both local and global scales, Watary plays the role of a full service aggregator. We proudly take on agency, publishing, and organizing responsibilities as well. 


WatarY, The Label

Whether at the beginning of his career or moving to next levels, an artist needs more than an aggregator to distribute his content. As a label, Watary studies musical products and crafts marketing plans. 

2.An Arabic music Label

Outstanding Content creation

Watary has a network of the most dedicated professionals in this field. Regardless of the budget the artist has, we can provide content matching it, while maintaining the highest standards.

Music Videos

lyric videos

branded content


Let The Music Play



Strong Marketing with all the platforms

Optimizing Artists’ social media

Online targeted marketing

100 radios in the
Arab world

60 TV Channels

Press releases

100 Million


30 billion



Artist Channels


Our YouTube network boasts 100 million subscribers and 30 billion views. More than 300 artist channels are linked to our YouTube CMS.


YouTube Channels with 60 million subscribers & 18 billion views


Managed Instagram accounts with more than 75 million followers


Managed Facebook pages with more than 175 million likes


Catalog tracks


Channels under exclusive digital management


Music Videos



Help the artists in promoting their songs by offering the mentioned marketing tools

We also handle music licensing and publishing. We know all the ins and outs of the industry and we use that knowledge to offer a well-rounded high-end service. We offer the licensed use of copyrighted music of 1200 songs.

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music videos

Music Videos are always of an added value to any song as it helps in reaching out to the utmost target audience. 

Here is a sample of our work done in the highest level of production, proficiency and according to the global and the digital standards

Lyric videos

Lyric Videos’ objectives were to tease the fans before the original music video, to build momentum and to engage with fans as they memorize the lyrics of the song. 

But we raised the bar so high that our lyric videos became as popular as the music videos and in most, it gained more views than the music videos 

branded content

Watary not only creates content but also executes it. We match the brand with the right celebrity
through the right content on the right platforms to reach the right target audience.

Through our network and connections with brands with the right approach, we provide another source of income, and prepare artists to get into the E-commerce Business.


Today it is avall about Content. We have our “Creative Hub” that is able to create content at the highest levels with affordable costs.